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You have probably tried several other weight loss plans. When they have failed, it is probably because the plan addressed only one aspect of weight control and did not address the fact that your body itself might be working against your efforts.

  • The Doctor’s Diet Solution ™ Diet Plan addresses all components of your natural weight loss objective.
  • Our program helps “reset” your metabolism.
  • Tremendous weight loss is a side-benefit of this specialty treatment.
  • A disciplined dieter could lose up to 45 lbs. of abnormal fat per 6-week cycle. We have found that most patients average around 30 lbs. per 40 day cycle.
  • Our individualized plan works in stages.

Our highly skilled healthcare team will help you through four steps to successful weight loss and maintenance:

  • Cleansing – During the program,you will rid your body of toxins so that your body can burn fat stores more efficiently
  • Diet – we will show you how to eat the proper foods to promote healthy weight loss
  • Lifestyle– by learning to eat properly on your weight loss program you will be able to maintain your lost weight

Dr. Williams will take time to explain to each patient why this program works so well. We are a licensed healthcare clinic and our physicians are focused on the long term health and success of our patients. When a new patient starts with us our physicians want to make sure that all your health information is current and accurate. Most hCG weight loss clinics do not have licensed medical people on-staff and doctors at times are even out sourced to minimize expenses.

Our dietary weight loss supplements and products are created specifically for our clinic. Our weight loss plan includes the support of our Doctor’s Diet Coaches. These supportive members of staff provide ongoing support and services to monitor your progress.

Dr. Williams and The Doctor’s Diet Solution staff want to help you prevent and recover from obesity. It is a simple, 4-step process to get started on an individualized Doctor’s Diet Plan to help you become the healthiest, happiest person that you can be. If you are local:

  • Step 1: Contact The Doctor’s Diet Solution to schedule an appointment with on of our doctors.
  • Step 2: Fill out our simple New Patient medical questionnaire so we can evaluate your needs.
  • Step 3: Our doctor will privately and discreetly discuss your weight loss needs with you, and discuss your treatment options.
  • Step 4: Enjoy the amazing Results!

We’re confident in our ability to help you. Have a look at what our Doctor’s Diet Solution patients have to say about the results they have achieved; and what the media has discovered about awesome Weight Loss, its process, and success.

Once you’ve reviewed this information and the patient and media accounts of what the Doctor’s Diet Solution can do for you, simply visit the Get Started page and start the journey to a slimmer, healthier you.

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