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Can Losing Weight Reduce Sleep Apnea Symptoms in O’Fallon?

Obesity has the potential to cause a host of different health conditions, including type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke. One obesity-related issue that […]

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  15 February 2015

How Does Being Overweight in O’Fallon Contribute to Heart Disease?

Being obese or overweight in O’Fallon carries several health risks, one of the more serious being heart disease. In the United States, around 35% […]

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  15 January 2015

How Excess Sugar Makes You Gain Weight in O’Fallon

Among the plethora of unhealthy food ingredients and additives that have burst onto the scene in recent decades, it is probably good old-fashioned sugar […]

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  15 December 2014

How Much Fiber Do I Need to Lose Weight in O’Fallon?

One of the more confusing aspects of nutrition and healthy eating is fiber. Most people in O’Fallon know that it is necessary for good […]

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  15 November 2014

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