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Hormone Implants in O’Fallon MO

Are you considering hormone implants in O’Fallon MO?  This involves the implantation of one or more estradiol and or testosterone pellets, by a minor surgical procedure, into the fatty subcutaneous tissue of the abdomen or hip. The implant gives continuous and constant hormone levels and bypasses the liver. The levels of hormones available from the pellet are greater and last much longer than hormones from the patch.

The implant is particularly appropriate for women who have tried every other way of taking hormones, but cannot maintain stable levels. This includes women who have had their ovaries removed and some women with hysterectomies. Generally implants last three to six months, and, for some, up to a year. For most patients using BHRT by implant is far superior to taking hormones any other way. Testosterone pellets for men are implanted the same way.

The practitioner uses a local anesthetic and a very tiny incision is made and the pellets are gently inserted. The incision is closed with a steri-strip and small bandage. It is very rare to have any complications for such a minor surgical procedure.

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By Jeffrey Becker D.C.

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