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While dermabrasion which removes the outer layer of skin on the face or neck can provide good results for people plagued with deep scars or wrinkles, it is not necessary for milder versions of these problems. Additionally, the planing of the skin through dermabrasion causes redness and scabbing that may take days or even months to heal. Here at SlimCo Medical Weight Loss in O’Fallon MO, we offer a less invasive, pain-free, recovery-free alternative, one that has become one of the popular non-surgical cosmetic procedures nationwide. This process is called microdermabrasion, and it can vastly improve skin appearance and health. If you are considering microdermabrasion in O'Fallon, call our office today!

What to Expect from Microdermabrasion in O'Fallon?

Microdermabrasion focuses on those small but telling skin defects that tend to add up over time, making the complexion looking aged or unhealthy. These include fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, age spots, pigmentation inconsistencies, large pores (including those that tend to clog and encourage recurring blackheads and whiteheads), acne and the scarring that typically results, and dull or dry patches.

These issues do not necessarily require the more drastic method of dermabrasion, so many patients choose microdermabrasion as their preferred method for alleviating them. But microdermabrasion does not just correct visual imperfections; it also offers significant skin health benefits. By removing toughened or discolored dead cells on the epidermis, it promotes the production and growth of new, healthy cells in their place. It also promotes the production of collagen, the substance that gives skin its elastiO’Fallon and a smooth, wrinkle-free appearance. By undoing acne, blackheads, and whiteheads, it even removes harmful bacteria from the face. Meanwhile, the gentle process we use for vacuuming up the dead cells stimulates epidermal circulation and lymphatic flow, giving new cells the oxygen and nutrients they need for fast, healthy regrowth of skin.

When you schedule microdermabrasion at SlimCo Medical Weight Loss, our nurse practitioner applies a tiny handheld device to your skin. This device rubs minimally abrasive fine crystals against the outermost skin layer while vacuuming up the dead cells, dirt, and other waste materials.

Microdermabrasion is gentle enough that you will not need a local anesthetic, though you will feel a scratching or vibrating sensation throughout the half-hour or so that the process generally takes. At the conclusion of the session, our nurse practitioner can recommend the proper facial creams or lotions to protect the newly-exposed healthy skin. The use of a good UV-blocking sunscreen on this new skin is especially important during the first few days following microdermabrasion.

One big advantage of microdermabrasion over traditional dermabrasion is the fact that you’ll experience no downtime or recovery period to speak of — you can simply go about your normal life. Minor redness or swelling from the procedure should recede within a matter of hours. Also, creams or lotions can help you control the few days of mild dryness or flakiness that generally follow a dermabrasion session.

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